Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I jumped on the Bonnie Hunter scrappy trip band for the layout....

decisions, decisions.....

Friday, February 8, 2013


I belong to a local quilt guild.  Each year we work together but separate to create projects of interest to those who would like to participate.  We generally rotate between a round robin and a mystery quilt.  This year is the mystery quilt.  I haven't jumped on the round robin train yet....a little intimidated to add my work to others that have beautiful handwork and wonderful ideas.

The mystery this year has perhaps 6 parts.  We are given one piece of the mystery each month to progress as we wish until the final reveal that usually happens in March or April.

Here are the fabrics and completed blocks that I have so far.....making a guess as to how this might begin to come together.

Tomorrow I'll get another step of instructions....another clue to the mystery.  I'm playing with the layout, any ideas?    I haven't even begun to use the blueish fabric you see laying at the top of the picture.

Have a great weekend, for those of you dealing with the winter storm, be safe.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bolt Sunday

My local quilt shop has Super Bolt Sunday....great sales and long lines. 

I picked up a few yards to continue to work on my hour glass rainbow quilt.  I managed to get an hour for working on this while doing some laundry.

Off to friends house to watch the big game.  Frankly if Denver isn't playing I really don't have much interest.  Although I would like to see the Ravens have a tough run at it.

If your watching the game, enjoy.  If you're watching Downton Abby..I'm jealous.

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