Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow day sewing

Quite a storm snuck up on us and I have an unplanned day of sewing available to me....what to do?

A. I could continue to pull out the stitching on twist of lime.

B. I could work on my postage stamp quilt.

C. I could start something new.

D. I could do a little of all three.

Ding, ding, ding.....I'm going for D.  I see 4-8 inches of snow in the forcast, so I think I have all day!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Getting Started Again

As I get older, winter seems longer and more dreary.....easy to get into a funk.  I am not an athlete by any means....but I also know I feel better if I exercise.  So.....out comes the treadmill dreadmill and I'm trying to get started again with the walking/running.  I don't like the way my cloths fit and I refuse to purchase a size larger.  So I need to make me fit into what I have better than I do now.

So here to a new routine and making time to make it happen. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Who decides?

Enough is enough already!!  It just keeps coming from every direction......I'd be ok with hibernation for awhile!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vet visit

Stevens is patiently waiting to see the vet.  He loves it here, they are all great to him.  Poor guy might have a yeast infection.  I think he is allergic to chicken.  We don't give him table food.  A few weeks ago he was counter surfing and got a large number of buffalo wings.  They proceeded to come back up and about a week later his belly turned black.  And he smells like a dog!  So here we are for a fixer upper.

Another project?!

I found a great BOM!  check this out.....http://thehexieblog.blogspot.com/

A Hexie Block of the Month....I am so in!  Now how do I get more hours in the day??

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Taking it all out!

I am not at all happy with the stitching on the back of this quilt.  The tension on my machine goes berserk when I meander.    So here goes the quilters blues as I pick out the stitches on a double size quilt.  Only good news is it was a great day to sit in front of the tv and catch some good football as I create a pile of threads.

Stay warm....baby its cold outside!

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 is here!

Here we go....another year has begun.  And they do indeed go faster as you get older.  My mother was so very right on this account. (and many others too!)

I am not one for resolutions and with my track record of chaos, no point in making specific resolutions.  Just try to live and be a better person on a regular basis.  I have my children to keep me in check and plenty of family to remind me that we are all human.  We all make mistakes, have limitations and need one another in times of crisis and celebration.

I will make a few goals.  Mostly regarding projects around the house and with my on going quilting UFO's and new projects.

- paint the basement
- paint floor on porch, decorate so it may be a nice outdoor space to use during warm weather.
- purchase sofa for living room
- repaint master bedroom/remove existing wallpaper
- continue to accumulate "stuff" for yard sale in spring.  Ongoing attempt at plan to de-clutter.

- un-sew one of the graduation quilts I have almost finished.  The tension on the back side is crappy and not finishing well. Then on to re quilt and bind.
- finish piecing, quilting and binding the quilt for my boss who will retire in December.  DON'T   WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE!
- layer, baste, quilt and bind the last of the three graduation quilts
- make a double size quilt for Kendall's bed - or perhaps quilt one of the tops I have finished if she likes any of the ones I already have completed. (this might become the use for Celtic Solstice)
- continue to work on misc blocks as leaders/enders as I work on other projects.
- no new projects or purchase of fabric for new projects until the latest Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice has been pieced.  I love the way this mystery turned out! http://quiltville.blogspot.com/p/celtic-solstice-mystery.html.  I may need to purchase a few odd pieces of fabric for this to balance out the colors.
- track and log progress of quilting projects.

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