Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First day for two Freshman

We have survived the first day (barely) for both my kids in their freshman year.  My daughter a freshman in college and my son a freshman in high school.  This is the busiest time of year for my job.  Despite all the whirl wind....we have made it to the other side!  Check out the pictures of the room my daughter is sharing with three other girls in the residence hall.  They should call this an apartment rather than a room!

this is in the move-in process, pre decorating.  I will update later with post move-in pics.

 This is the sitting area.  Nice couch, chair and TV stand. Cable connections in each room
 this is the "kitchen" area.  Solid surface counter...everything but appliances.
 Primping station...with double sink and more solid surface counters.  Shower in separate area
Room for two.  Beds adjust to several heights. 

Her closet is just about as big as the one at home. 

Nice place...better than any place I lived until I was almost 30 years old!

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