Thursday, December 5, 2013

Finished Part 2

I found a few more photos of my projects.  Some of these pictures were taken before the final product was delivered but you get the idea.  I'm glad I have taken a few pictures.  I know there are others that did not get photographed before giving away.  I had forgotten about a few of these.  Documentation is always good for the aging mind.
This was made for Chandler, my husband's nephew for his High School Graduation.  Although he graduated in June 2013 the gift was not delivered until August 2013....busy much?

This was given to friends of ours for the birth of their first baby.  Split Rails Pattern

This was given to another family for the birth of their first baby. I believe this is a small version of a Turning Twenty Pattern.

Another baby quilt for the  great-grandbaby of the wonderful woman who watched my children when they were in elementary school.  Carolyn will be loved in our family forever.  I don't remember the name of this pattern but it's quick and easy.   Do you like the legs on this quilt?

Bonnie Hunter made a Cheddar Bow Tie quilt....I thought I just had to make one of these.  Boy did I get into a deal with this.  I decided to make the bow ties on point.  I crawled around on the floor most of my time off between Christmas and New Years deciding on the that no two colors were side by side and if you look closely at the bottom row, the bow ties are all solids.  I put the solids around all four edges of the quilt.  Sounds easy?  Not!  This is still waiting to be quilted.  The piecing was completed December 2012.  It will fit on a queen size bed.  What was I thinking??

Another Bonnie Hunter inspired creation.  This is a Chunky Turn Dash.  I pieced this several years ago, swapping scrappy fabrics with friends at a quilting retreat weekend. This is one of my favorites and is actually draped on the back of a chair in our living room.

I made this several years ago as a fundraiser for my son's Cub Scout Pack.  Tickets were raffled off and I believe we raised over $200 for the group.
Another graduation gift.  This was made and given to my husband's niece for her High School Graduation in June 2012.

I love this one!  Scrappy colors, Irish Chain Pattern.  Another waiting to be quilted.  And I plan this to be a keeper.

I gave this one to Mallory.  I love the pattern although I don't remember the name.  Another one that require a bit of crawling around to plan the layout.  I used an old blanket for the batting in this one.  Isn't that the way some of the antique quilts were put together?

This was for a co-worker.  She had a tough couple of long months dealing with the illness and eventual loss of her parents.  A couple of us made blocks and I brought it home and put it together.  Another co-worker used her long arm machine and did the quilting.  
And yet another baby quilt.  This one was for our Pastor's daughter.  I love the colors...if you look closely it kinda has a Vera Bradley look to it.

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