Friday, January 25, 2013

Off they go

This weekend my DH and kids will be leaving to spend time with our church youth group at "Winter Weekend".  A fun weekend for them, goofing off, messing around in the snow and fellowship.  A quiet weekend for me, a few household projects and general catching up.  I might even start to tackle the gathering of the tax stuff.  It's really cold here (currently 15 degrees) and we are to receive a fast moving storm over the next few hours that may give us some snow.

I have prepped sticky buns for the crew to have for breakfast and a batch of cookies.  I usually make the cookies with PB, but I did not include that in the recipe this time.  They have a little different look than I am used to but they still taste great.

Waiting for dough to rise to make sticky buns

 looking good.....

Hope everyone has a great weekend, stay warm.

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