Saturday, January 26, 2013

How do you make a sandwich?

My family is gone for the majority of the weekend....time for me! I have a large island in my kitchen that is the perfect height/size to make a quilt sandwich.  I like to do my own quilting, I have many friends that piece the top and send to have it long arm quilted.  That also finishes into beautiful detailing that I am unable to do here in my humble abode.

A few months ago I learned a great trick to make this entire process easier and helps with minimizing the bumps and wrinkles on one side or the other.

Have you ever used two eight foot 2x4's and painters tape to make your sandwich?  A long table or space to spread out the length of the 2x4 is needed but no need to spread out and crawl on the floor to baste this baby.

Backing fabric is wrong side up, use painters tape to attach to 2x4
Top is right side up, begin taping to second 2x4
 lay out each 2x4 and unroll slowly, adding batting, begin to smooth out wrinkles as layers are basted and you finalize your quilt sandwich

Sandwich is finished and ready to move to machine or prep for hand quilting. 
Now for a break to shovel the drive way while the sun is shining. 

Have a great weekend!

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