Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Better late than never

I'm not one for resolutions, if I'm going to make a personal resolution it usually happens at the time of my birthday.  As I get older these mean more and I try to adhere and account much better.  The goal of the moment revolves around my quilting and acquisition of such fabric and toys to maintain my addiction. 

Here is a Bonnie Hunter Quilt, Jared Takes a Wife.  Top is peiced but it has 't been quilted yet.  This was begun in July 2012, currently a partial UFO

For 2013 my fabric acquisition goal is to limit purchases for new projects.  I must finish two UFOs for every new project started.  I also see on other blogs where people are tracking the time spent making their quilts.  I plan to do that as well.  I think I will be amazed at the time spent on these various projects. 

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