Thursday, June 25, 2015

Life happens

A great deal has happened since my last post.
I have a sister that was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy aprox 11 years ago.  Her life took a turn after her diagnosis. Her marriage was struggling and she had a major stroke shortly after having her pacemaker changed.
After a long recuperation and determination to recover from the stroke her marriage ended and she became  a single mom living on disability income.  She was able to purchase a home across the street from my parents house where she lived until May 14, 2015.
She had several serious medical setbacks.  She became the expert at her illness and spoke with Dr's using their lingo and terminology.  Several pacemaker changes, atrial fibrillation, cardiac ablation, open heart surgery and cardiac arrest created among other things pulmonary  issues.   In addition to these many procedures she had been on a ventilator several times.
She fought with determination for many years.  Recently this began to change.  She was less active and need more help with daily concerns.  Breathing was becoming more difficult and she suffered with pluresey several times.   May 5, 2015 while I was at a yoga class she sent me a msg that she was in the York hospital.  She had been diagnosed with pneumonia again. She had aspirated when eating. 
This was her last trip to the hospital.   The decision was made with her input to have a feeding tube surgically implanted. 
Before that could happen she suffered a cardiac arrest and in a very short time we were making calls to loved ones and dear friends to make them aware we were losing her. 
An amazing group of friends both local and college friends appeared within hours.  These people helped us then and continue to help us get through the mountain of emotions and work to get her home ready to sell and to organize all the needed legal documents..
Here we are nearly six weeks later and it all feels like a bad dream.  I just can't believe this has happened to her.  Why?

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