Saturday, November 28, 2015

A lot has happened

So much to do and so much has happened.   After returning to work when my sister passed away, a coliege submitted her resignation.  
My world went into a tail spin.   Between home life and work life I have been on the edge of exhausted and crazy for quite some time.
Anytime that i have not been at work has been spent dealing with Amys estate, finding a home to store items for her daughter and preparing her house for sale.
Six months to the day she died, we settled on her house.   An emotional day.  We don't see or hear from Aubrey much. 
I can't imagine how she will manage without her mother.  Her dad has a very different style of parenting and is quite an adjustment in addition to her loss.
Thanksgiving was really different without Amy and Aubrey here.  Lots of adjustment to get used to.

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