Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time for me

Here we are, nearly the end of July and I don't feel like there has been any summer. I had a family member that has been very ill since mid May. This has taken a great deal of my time, driving to/from 60 miles each way. I would do it again but it cuts into time at home to get things done. When I get home, I just want to veg, laundry and grocery shopping are just not exciting. But....several weeks ago I signed up for a class with Bonnie Hunter! So...I took a day for me and ventured to Bedford PA to visit with Bonnie. I have already made the quilt she was teaching but I was looking forward to a good day. The venue left a great deal to be desired and the lighting was crappy. None of this was the fault of Bonnie or Mary of Mary's Quilt Shop in Bedford PA. Just a crappy place. Check out some of the pics from my day of starting Star Gazing. This pattern may be found in one of Bonnie's books.

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